Ecotherapy holiday

A multi-day ecotherapy program applied within the wild nature of Psiloritis Natural Park, with the contribution of local communities, led by professional ecopsychologists.

Throughout the holiday you will:

  • Take part in ecotherapy workshops within the forested mountainous scenery around Akolyta plateau
  • Share experiences with (some of the 28) shepherd families with their flocks of sheep and goats in the area
  • Explore the Kamarian forest, the caves, the summits and the highest natural spring of Psiloritis through its numerous walking paths
  • Experience the impressive geologic features of Psiloritis
  • Taste a wide range of shepherds’ cuisine, tsikoudia and wines
  • Watch the stunning wild life of the mountain, including a wide variety of endemic mountainous plants, big birds-of-prey colonies, insects, butterflies, reptiles and the (hiding) Cretan wildcat

trip duration

7 days

walking distance

short walks

ascent / descent

depending on the team


depending on the team