Daily birdwatching trips around Crete

Crete has a fantastic variety of birds species, including not only its numerous residents, but also the migrants, which stop over on Crete during their migrations to and from Africa and Europe. It is the southern most ecosystem of Europe and an important bridge between Europe and Africa for migratory species.

The diversity of habitats and the richness of the environment on Crete for bird-life, results in an impressive species list and many unexpected surprises, especially during spring and autumn migrations. The range of habitats, including mountains and gorges, scrubland, the marine environment, coastal strip and cliffs, estuaries, freshwater lakes both natural and artificial, streams and seasonal rivers, result in an impressive diversity of wildlife.

The inaccessible mountains of Crete create a paradise for birds of prey, including healthy populations of Griffon and Bearded vulture, Golden eagle, Bonelli’s eagle, Booted eagle and Eleonora’s falcon, as well as a variety of many other birds.


Our trip
… typically starts at around 08.00 am. Depending on the season and the weather conditions we will choose to head towards:

Kamares and the Potamon dam option A
Through this route we visit the southern foothill of Psiloritis passing by the Amari valley. The high cliffs above Kamares are home to Bearded vultures, Griffon vulture colonies, as well as a variety of eagles and falcons. The Potamon dam, at the estuary of Patsos gorge, creates a rich wetland for aquatic birds and raptors.

Kourtaliotis gorge and the coast of Triopetraoption B
Kourtaliotis river works its way through a long gorge to Preveli beach, meeting the endemic palm forest, whilst the Kotsifos river crosses a parallel gorge to connect with the south coast at Plakias. Triopetra is a coastal habitat comprised of big sand dunes, rocky cliffs and a river wetland, making its way through olive groves and reed clusters. During the day we’ll explore the different habitats and there will be a possibility for swimming and relaxation by the sea.

Expected return time
At around 17.00

trip duration

7 hours

walking distance

short walks

ascent / descent

max 100m / 100m


no difficulty